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Assist in Improvement of Malaysia's etiquette

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Business ethics are essential for establishing trust, maintaining a positive reputation, abiding by the law, retaining personnel, attracting customers and investors, achieving long-term sustainability, gaining a competitive advantage, lowering risks, and positively influencing society. Being ethical is not only a moral requirement in a connected and open world, but it is also a competitive advantage for businesses that want to prosper and endure.
In a world where issues and opportunities for businesses are constantly evolving, the value of human resources has never been greater. We are committed to providing our clients with the resources they need to hire, develop, and keep a skilled workforce because we understand that a company's greatest asset is its personnel.
Our goal is to help our clients succeed in their respective businesses, not only to provide services to them.
At JMBEC, we are committed to giving our valued clients superior assistance and advisory services that are designed to improve their human resources and teach in them the fundamental ideas of business ethics and etiquette.

JMBEC is about people as well as business. It's about encouraging a culture of honesty and responsibility, enabling people to realise their full potential, and ultimately making a positive impact on the development and success of the businesses of our clients.
JMBEC offers the Japan Business Ability Test (JBAA) certification in two levels as a standard assessment of understanding sound business ethics as part of our services. This approach not only highlights the company's commitment to ethical business practises, but it also offers substantial benefits to both individuals and organisations.
The certification encourages moral conduct and moral leadership in the business world. Additionally, it benefits organisations by building a culture of trust, integrity, and ethical excellence. It also benefits individual by opening avenues to professional advancement and increased competitiveness. This demonstrates JMBEC's commitment to advancing moral business practise and assisting individuals and organisations in succeeding.


Isrami bin Ismail

Company Overview

Company Name JM Business Ethics Consultancy Sdn. Bhd.
Description of business Human resources consulting
Established January 2023
Director Isrami bin Ismail / Noritaka Araki / Ng Chee Hock
Address Unit B-9-2, Level 9, Block B, Northpoint Offices, Mid Valley City, 59200
Phone Number (+60)3-2775 2468

Group Company

Group Company

Company Name eeevo malaysia Sdn Bhd
Description of business Marketing support, human resource development
Established October 2012
Director Noritaka Araki / Hidetaka Araki
Address Unit B-9-2, Level 9, Block B, Northpoint Offices, Mid Valley City, 59200
Phone Number (+60)3-2775 2467
Company Name eeevo recruit Sdn Bhd
Description of business Recruitment agency
Established November 2016
Director Alvin Ng Chee Hock / Noritaka Araki
Address Unit B-9-2, Level 9, Block B, Northpoint Offices, Mid Valley City, 59200
Phone Number (+60)3-2775 2468

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